Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Endorsements for Beth Jones as a speaker:

“Beth has been used by the Lord many times to speak before and minister to women who participate in Restoration Ministries. She is also used as an advisor to women who are walking through the process of a marriage transformation. She is very alert to the Holy Spirit’s direction as she speaks, and does a wonderful job using life experiences, sprinkled with humor. I highly recommend her as a speaker and a teacher.”

~ Diane M. Bishop, Kingdom Builders Ministries and Director of Family Restoration Ministries

“Beth did very well speaking. She has great potential. The outline of her prepared speech was excellent, very well-organized. She has a dry wit, and uses good timing with her humor. I recommend her as a public speaker.”

~ Florence Littauer, founder of CLASS, and international, dynamic speaker and author of more than 45 books

“Beth is beautiful and open, and is a good speaker. She is transparent, sincere, and very passionate. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”

~ Tammy Bennett, founder of Makeover Ministries, international CLASS speaker, and author of books which include Looking God from the Inside Out, Looking Good from the Inside Out - Fashion, Guys, Dating & Sex: the girls guide to relationships, and her newest book, 101 MakeOver Minutes: quick tips for looking good from the inside out.

“Very professional. Beth really touched the hearts of the women in the meeting.”

~ Patricia Brown, camp caretaker and contact at Camp Shalom, Mound City, KS

“She hit home. In all of our lives, somewhere, she hit home as she spoke. That was wonderful and she was such a blessing.”

~ Kay Roe, President of Women’s Aglow, Grandview, MO

“Beth, thank you so much for giving your testimony today at the LIGHT House. So many of the participants asked me to thank you for your honesty and openness. They said you had a sweet spirit. I also want to personally thank you and commend you for the way you handled yourself. There were a couple of times when I felt tears come to my eyes because of the way God has worked in your life. He is so good, loving, and so gracious.”

~ Annette Hopper, former post-abortion Bible study teacher/counselor, LIGHT House, Kansas City, MO

Audience feedback from Beth’s presentations:

“I love her heart. Jesus shines in her!”
“Strength is in her eyes. She really connects with the audience.”
“Beth is frank, intense, and engaging.”
“Her presentation was gracious, moving, and authoritative.”
“I think that God has great plans for Beth.”
“Great eye contact, very clear, beautiful smile. I see God’s call on Beth’s life."


  1. Those are great testimonials! Keep up the good work for Jesus :-)

  2. Thanks, Melissa. I like your blog! Very clean-looking and clutter free. I enjoyed your funny post on nature and on oneness in marriage, from Sheila's post. :)