Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. He is my Best Friend. I love hanging out with Him every day, talking to Him and listening to Him. I just couldn't make it one second without Him! I love the stories in the Bible of how Jesus ministered to people...talking to them, healing them, giving them such hope.

I'm wife to a great man of God, mom of 3 beautiful daughters, a writer and a speaker. I love encouraging other women with God's word, and seeing them using their spiritual gifts for Him and fulfilling their destiny through Christ.

My passions are writing, speaking, and traveling. Primarily my focus is non-fiction writing for women. I love spending time with my family, homeschooling our daughter, reading, taking walks, looking at waterfalls, meeting new people and seeing new places, trying different ethnic foods, antiquing, and having fun with my friends, who really make me laugh.

My weaknesses? I am too impatient, am too blunt, and interrupt people a lot when they're talking...after all, they need to hear my point! I love chocolate, coke classic, and coffee with lots of creamer. My family would describe me as a clean freak and a terrible driver. I am extremely technology-challenged, and my family thinks this is very funny. Our youngest daughter had to show me how to work the dvd player when we bought it. When I got my new cell phone for Christmas this past year, our oldest daughter was in stitches laughing over me trying to learn how to text and send pics to her on it. Ok, so it's not my forte'! I'm learning!

I love blogging and reading other blogs, and spend way too much time on the net, but am trying to bring it into balance this year. :)

And I try to keep things real....others would describe me as a tell--it-like-it-is person (no holding back!). I intensely dislike fakeness, pretense, rudeness, and religion....especially in the church!

I believe Jesus wants His church to just love people and to tell them the good news of the reach out to others. To make disciples of the nations (Psalm 2: 8). My long term goals: Our family has a heart for missions work. My husband Ray has been to Haiti three times on short-term missions, teaching security classes to guards for a pastor there (it's very violent in Haiti). I went with him on his third trip, helping to teach children in an elementary school. We also went to Israel together for a pleasure-missions trip. Israel was my dream come true!

Ray has been to Mexico several times as well. Our daughter Heather has been to Peru, Brazil, Columbia, and India on missions trips with Youth With a Mission. We now have Africa on our hearts for missions work; we're praying for God's perfect timing to go and the provision as well. Next year we have a possible opportunity to go on a missions trip to Uganda with some friends.

More than anything else, I want to please God with my life, and to be the sweet fragrance of Jesus wherever I go.

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